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My San Antonio LoveList BucketList for 2019

My life is all about making plans. I can be pretty spontaneous but with so many new things to do in San Antonio in 2019, you gotta admit there has to be blackout dates. The city is growing so fast and with so many bad ass ideas coming (I’m looking at you Erica) you’ve gotta make sure at least to cover some of these events.

Obviously there are a lot of other events and new restaurant openings but I did the dirty work and made my bucketlist of things to do in the countdown city. See what you’ve done before and see if any of those events are brand new. So bust out those planners and Google Calendars and be ready to fill them out.


Ruin Dry January at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference

Think of this event as the SXSW of alcohol. You’ll try your faves, you’ll make new faves and best of all you’ll make a lot of memories. With countless seminars and events, you’re sure to enjoy ruining Dry January at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference. And if you’re feeling extra naughty; make sure you keep a look out for the secret parties.

Be a Part of the Largest MLK March in the US

Interesting fact, right. Get some posters ready and your trainers laced and be prepared to walk the 2.75 miles with close to 300k people in the annual MLK March to remember that equality is necessary. VIA will be taking people to the start of the walk and then at the end they’ll be taking walkers back to their cars: so you can leave your car at a park and ride.

Forget Weight Loss Goals during Culinaria’s Restaurant Week

For close to 2 weeks make sure to take the opportunity to feast on some of San Antonio’s best restaurants for an affordable price. During restaurant week try some pretty bougie restaurants like Biga on the Banks, Wildfish and Bliss or get your meat on at Texas de Brazil. Between you and me skip cooking and just enjoy a night out at least 3 times.

Cheer on Your Favorite Chefs at Titans of Tailgate

From the mind of Chef Jason Dady, comes the first culinary showdown of the year. Chefs from both San Antonio and across the states face off against each other in this cook off. All I have to say is come hungry.


Let’s Rodeo San Antonio

I grew up in California with State Fairs and when I moved here I knew I didn’t know if that was a possibility. With the closest state fair is in Dallas; the Rodeo is the closest thing for me. Make sure you load up on carbs, catch the rodeo and then sing the night away with Darius Rucker.

Get Your Just Desserts at the CIA Bakery Pop-Up

Located inside the new CIA restaurant, Savor, the CIA Bakery Pop-up is all I really look forward to now a days. With loads of patisserie and plenty of great food this is the place to go and celebrate the students’ hard work during their time at the culinary institute before going out into the real world.


Name a Better Duo at the Wing & Beer Festival

Okay, first of all I’m assuming it’ll be in March again because it’s usually during the yearly vegetarian period. But the Wing and Beer Festival is one of my favorite things that happens because it’s wings. You really don’t have to say much more other than that. Just remember to bring wet wipes.

Check Out Some Art, Music and Lawn Vibes at McNay’s 2nd Thursday’s.

Around March the weather is perfect enough to sit outside without melting so bring out the picnic blankets and pack some nice snacks and post it up outside the McNay. The museum is free too so check out the Picasso and pretend you’re an art expert after a few brewski’s.


Bookworms Unite at the San Antonio Book Festival

TBH this might not be your scene but as a former English major this has Gabby written all over it. While the list of authors hasn’t been released just yet, you’ll want to follow along and add the Book Festival to your planner if you’re into books.

A Girl’s Favorite Thing: Taco Fest: Music y Mas

These are few of my favorite things. Local music, tacos, friends and good times. You’ll have access to over 30 different restaurants and plenty of tacos. Each stand will have an option of a $2 taco so you’re able to at least try them out. Come early, get breakfast and graze on the tacos for the rest of the day.

Really Just Another Excuse to Fiesta

Time to bust out the hashtag change with #FiestaLoveList and party for the next 10+ days. With a huge amount of events to choose from you’ll have some kinda event to make everyone happy. The great thing about Fiesta is that it’s a party with a cause. The events range from creating scholarships for college kids to benefiting local non-profits. So maybe that line for the Chicken on a Stick is really worth it for more than the ‘gram.


Let All Your Barbacoa and Big Red Dreams Come True

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, that’s what the saying is right? Well, like any other SA resident who swears by this combination you’ll definetly want to plan attending the Barbacoa and Big Red Festival especially if you’re a fan. Between you and me some people get a little inventive with their recipes so it’s worth a taste.

Dance ‘til You get Dizzy at Tejano Conjunto Festival

This is one of the most popular events and if you’re a dancer, a bad dancer, a beginner dancer or like music tbh you should head on down.


Raise Your Mimosas High at United We Brunch

One of mine (and Design_Dudes’) favorite events,  United We Brunch, is the best excuse to start the morning with a glass of cough orange juice cough

Discover a Different Culture at the Texas Folklife Festival

Learn about the different people that make up the modern face of Texas today and learn about those that settled here. Apart from seeing all of the performances, there’s a large selection of food from various places at Folklife too. Pro-tip: eat to taste and share your food with your friends so you’re able to try all the food. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of the neon Texas Flag.


Enjoy the Balcones Heights Jazz Festival All Throughout the Month

Plan to spend at least one Friday at the amphitheater outside of the Wonderland of America and enjoy some smooth jazz under the stars. This event is spread out throughout the month so you’re able to enjoy it multiple times.

Post Up on the Quad in Front of Soundcream Airstream

If you’ve been following me for a while you know where to find me every Wednesday during the SoundCream Airstream residency at the Historic Pearl Brewery. They bring in DJ’s from all around the world to play sets, everyone dances and we host our themed picnics. Pop the chard and enjoy a great night with the crew. Maybe come by and blanket hop.


We All Float On the Comal River

This one requires you to take a drive a little outside the city limits but make a whole day out of it. Get there early but plan accordingly. Most importantly look up the laws so that you’re not surprised when you get there and possibly have your day ruined.

Catch a Flick at Travis Park

Pack up all the snacks and bring the kids but most importantly come early. Slab Cinema puts together a series of free outdoor movies at sunset and best of all they’re totally free.


Birds Up at the Alamodome

Bust out your blue and orange gear, y’all. Then head on down to the Alamodome early and tailgate with your fellow roadrunners then head on in and cheer on the UTSA Football team. Remember Bird’s Up!

Support Your Local Musician or Get Lost on St Mary’s During the San Antonio Music Showcase

Personally my favorite event of the entire year here in SA. The San Antonio Music Showcase is just that a celebration of local musicians. Pretty much all the bars on St. Mary’s (as well as some others throughout the city) will be hosting genre themed sets featuring some of San Antonio’s best music. 

Celebrate Photography during Fotoseptiembre

For the whole month take the time to check out some photos. Being a photographer myself (not just of food, I live for street foto but that’s another story) it’s cool too see the world through someone else’s point of view.




Set Up the Altar at Muertos Fest

Hope you’ve been practicing your sugar skull make up for Dia de los Muertos because this is the time to bust it out. Please be respectful and honor those we’ve lost.

Search for Ghosts at the Menger Hotel

Or at least learn some history about the cool hotel located right beside the Alamo. You’ll be able to see the beautiful hotel and maybe catch a glimpse of a ghost.


Yell Prost at the Top of Your Lungs at Wurstfest

Take part in this age old tradition of German history here in your backyard. Rather it’s Oktoberfest a la tejana as Wurstfest in New Braunfels. Make sure you reserve a lyft home or sign up one of your friends to DD and be safe.

Stare at the Art and Pretend You Know What You’re Talking About during Luminaria

Everything is art and nothing is too at Luminaria. You’re also free to make art too or be walking art. You never know what you’ll encounter at the event so keep your senses open and take it all in.

Start the Christmas Holiday Early at the Dickens on Main

Drive up to Boerne and get your cameras ready for this holiday treat. Take a picture with Santa and enjoy the snow and small town charm in Boerne. This one’s for the kids.


Check out the Lights at UIW

The whole campus is filled with twinkling lights and it’s a great sight enjoy. It’s also mildly romantic, if you’re into that sorta thing and I am.

Learn About Tamales at La Gran Tamalada

Your Abuela probably makes the best tamales ever, right? Chances are you’re not familiar with how to make them either. Just go to La Gran Tamalada so that next time Abuela’s making them you can help her out.