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The Best List for Pool Vibes in San Antonio

Chances are you’ve had your first pool day of the year already- unless you’re cool like me and never stop swimming. (Team bathtub is a pool, anyone?) That being said; if you don’t have a pool, have a friend with pool access or are bored of your pool, then as the greatest list maker on this website: I give you my collection of the places where you can sit poolside in San Antonio.

Total disclaimer- some of these pools have kids in them. If you’re afraid of swimming with kids, being around kids, or have the fear of catching kidosis- then idk what to tell you. Also consider that this blog will be read by lots of eyes! I am not responsible for the amount of people there, the raised prices or the people that block your sun. Without further ado the best list of pools in San Antonio.

temporary credit: google (this will be replaced by my photo soon!)

temporary credit: google (this will be replaced by my photo soon!)

Hotels + Resorts:

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa has a day pass starting at $75. It sounds pricey for just enjoying a pool day but the pass comes with a lazy river, rapids river and access to an adults only pool. If you have three friends then you can share a cabana ($325) and get all the VIP benefits.

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa is gonna be your most cost effective option with a $35 individual day pass and a cabana pass for $200. Major perks of this resort are going to be: it’s super shaded, looks like you’re kinda in nature and it’s really low-key.

La Cantera Resort & Spa tbh I think the La Cantera Resort Pool is gonna have one of the most gorgeous views of all. It’s the most affordable individual pass at $30 and $250. You do get WiFi but if you’re one of those then please don’t come. You should be in the pool with your friends and enjoying what the resort has to offer.

Other Options:

Aquatica San Antonio, Seaworld got a total upgrade with Aquatica. Titled as one of Texas’ best water parks- this gem is located right by one of the resorts named above. If you’re willing to go during the week: tickets are as $39.99, weekend tickets start at 49.99 and a two-fer tickets for both parks start at $71.99.

Water Park at Fiesta Texas the best thing about this water park is that you’ll be able to get access to both parks for the same price. Plus think about it: roller coasters!

Splashtown a hometown fave, this water park is better suited for family time.

Schlitterbahn while it’s the furthest away from San Antonio, this New Braunfel’s waterpark is all that and a bag of chips, plus you can stop Buc-ee’s

this was a cloudy ass day- thanks a color story!

this was a cloudy ass day- thanks a color story!

City of San Antonio Pools:

Now for the charm of them all! The city of San Antonio has a bunch of pools all throughout the city, all free, all the time. They do tend to get crowded but at the end of the day you wanna get cool and have fun. All outdoor pools are open Tuesday - Sunday, June 10 - August 13 from 1-7 p.m. Pools will be open Tuesday, July 4th.

Cassiano Park

Pool Address: 1440 S. Zarzamora / Pool Phone Number: 210.434.7482

Concepcion Park

Pool Address: 600 E. Theo / Pool Phone Number: 210.532.3473

Cuellar Park

Pool Address: 502 S.W. 36th St. / Pool Phone Number: 210.434.8028

Dellview Park

Pool Address: 500 Basswood / Pool Phone Number: 210.349.0570

Elmendorf Lake

Fairchild Park

Pool Address: 1214 E Crockett / Pool Phone Number: 210.226.6915

Flores Park (Southcross Pool)

Pool Address: 803 W. Southcross / Pool Phone Number: 210.927.2001

Garza Park

Pool Address: 5800 Hemphill / Pool Phone Number: 210.434.8122

Heritage Pool

Pool Address: 1423 S Ellison Drive 78245 / Pool Phone Number: 210.645.9465

Kennedy Park

Pool Address: 3299 S.W. 28th St. / Pool Phone Number: 210.436.7009

Kingsborough Park

Pool Address: 350 Felps St / Pool Phone Number: 210.924.6761

Lady Bird Johnson Park

Pool Address: 10700 Nacogdoches Road / Pool Phone Number: 210.599.0122

Lincoln Park

Pool Address: 2803 E. Commerce / Pool Phone Number: 210.224.7590

Monterrey Park

Pool Address: 5919 W. Commerce / Pool Phone Number: 210.432.2727

New Territories

Pool Address: 9023 Bowen / Pool Phone Number: 210.681.2929

Normoyle Park

Pool Address: 700 Culberson / Pool Phone Number: 210.923.2442

Palo Alto College Aquatic Center

Pool Address: 1400 Villaret / Pool Hours: Vary / Pool Phone Number: 210.486.3800

Roosevelt Park

Pool Address: 330 Roosevelt / Pool Phone Number: 210.532.6091

San Antonio Natatorium

Pool Address: 1430 W. Cesar Chavez / Pool Hours: See Detail pages for hours / Pool Phone Number: 210.207.3299

San Pedro Springs Park

Pool Address: 2200 N. Flores / Pool Phone Number: 210.732.5992

Southside Lions Park

Pool Address: 3100 Hiawatha / Pool Phone Number: (210) 532-2027

Spring Time Park

Pool Address: 6571 Spring Time / Pool Phone Number: 210.558.0491

Sunset Hills Park

Pool Address: 103 Chesswood / Pool Phone Number: 210.435.4011

Ward Park

Pool Address: 435 E. Sunshine / Pool Phone Number: 210.732.7350  

Westwood Village Park

Pool Address: 7627 W. Military / Pool Phone Number: 210.673.3382

Woodlawn Lake Park

Pool Address: 221 Alexander Ave. / Pool Phone Number: 210.732.5789