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8 Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in San Antonio


If you didn’t take a picture of your coffee did the caffeine even affect you? You know you’re living for that latte art, cup in hand aesthetic or maybe you’re all about the coffee shop vibes you know everyone loves- for the perfect IG shot to fit your ‘gram. So I did my research and I compiled the 8 most instagrammable coffee shops in San Antonio, perfect for you to get your shots in before anyone else.

Estate Coffee

Located in Dignowity Hill, Estate Coffee is one of my favorite places to grab a shot. With huge windows to fill the little coffee shop with loads of natural light I can guarantee you’ll be inspired to get what you’re looking for. The decor is super minimal, bright and clean so your pics are sure to come out lovely. It’s also one of my favorite places to have a workbae so if you see me, please say hi!

Merit Coffee at the Pearl

While 9 times outta 10 I’ll order the green mint tea from Merit Coffee, (Local Coffee) but I can’t neglect to acknowledge how beautiful this coffee shop at the Pearl is. Founded in 2009 this gorgeous San Antonio coffee shop is full of rich browns and deep colors make your ‘gram the envy of all of your friends. If you’re talented in black and white photography or are looking to practice, you can stand by the espresso machine and shoot for hours and capture some serious magic.

Honorable mention Merit Coffee in Shavano Park


Trust me, it’s worth the drive up I-10 to get to this little coffee shop located in the far northwest side of San Antonio. Cuppencake is a coffee shop lovers dream. For starters, there’s a large COFFEE light up sign that is just screaming Instagram me but for real though, the location’s got great woodwork and huge windows. You know me, I love some natural light.


Press Coffee

Man, was I happy to hear when Press Coffee came back. They’ve picked the perfect location as a coffee shop in the Museum Reach. I’ll be honest I workbae outta this place at least once a month or more because of natural light, great coffee and extremely nice coffee shop vibes. Plus if you really wanna live you’ll do as follows: get a latte to enjoy, a double espresso to wake up and an almond croissant to help you get through the day.


Home of those late night conversations, Halcyon Coffee at Blue Star is an all around winner. Sit at the bar, you’ll get a lovely background. Sit at the communal tables, you’ll get an industrial look. Go late at night for the s’mores. Halcyon is a little darker that most the of the coffee shops in San Antonio but if you’re patient and carefully frame that shot, you’ll capture a the perfect #moodygram.

CommonWealth (Original Location)

One of my favorite countries in the whole world is France. I’m also a huge fan of French Literature with Dumas, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Genet and Camus being some of the faves. So it’s only obvious I pretend I’m on French holiday for the ‘gram at CommonWealth. The baked goods box is my favorite display so make sure you capture that. Another plus: the garden patio, which if you’ve been a long time follower of mine you know patio vibes are sure making it into the ‘gram.

Honorable mentions: Commissary and Hemisfair

Rosella at the Rand

Right in the heart of the city is Rosella at the Rand and tbh the most “romantic” of all the coffee shops. This is 100% my opinion but I feel this coffee shop is so cute. The pops of color, the choice in decor and the lighting should all work in your favor when staging the perfect shot, plus they have a happy hour so you can double dip your shots and get coffee and drinks.

Honorable mention: Rosella at the Garden

The Dienger Trading Co.

Hashtag Hill Country Lovelist over here! The Dienger Trading Co. Coffee Shop is to die for adorable. This lovely coffee shop is located right on Main St in Boerne so it’s a little drive up from San Antonio. Trust me it is totally worth it. From the tiles to the rustic flair you literally can’t find a bad angle in the whole shop! I at least take 100 pictures every time I go.


When you know coffee is life and so is the instagram. I’m out there doing the hard work for your aesthetic pleasure so as always be sure to follow my san antonio foodie instagram @sanantoniolovelist. I’d really appreciate it.