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8 Women Centered Groups to Join in San Antonio

Bumble BFF

Unless you’re about to go up to someone who looks cool at a bar and say, “Hi! I’m Gabby, wanna know about dinosaurs?” Making friends as an adult is going to be a challenge. There are moments of kismet where something life-changing happens like being stuck in an elevator that leads to forming a unique bond. Let’s face it for the rest of us it’s a series of hellos and awkward conversations as grown people that decide who we become friends with.

So here are 10 groups for women in San Antonio to have the opportunity to grow and foster friendships. Unless you’re weird and brave like me and send DMs on Instagram telling people they look cool and you wanna be friends. I’ve done the hard work and made it easy for you to go forth and meet badass women!

Bumble BFF

If you’ve got a super dooper busy schedule then maybe the Bumble BFF app would work best for you. You can set up a profile and show your best self in hopes that you’ll meet new friends. If you’re a little iffy on that well I have news for you! Bumble BFF San Antonio hosts mixers and events perfect for you to just show up and actually have a face to face. Trust me they’re loads of fun. To learn more check out the Bumble BFF San Antonio Facebook group here!

Women in Digital

With a motto like “Ask. Give. Grow.” Women in Digital is one of the best groups you could be a part of here in San Antonio. You’ll meet so many amazing and creative women that’ll inspire you to create and to pursue your dreams. They’ll encourage or mentor, guide and teach and all you have to do is ask. Everyone brings something to the table and you’re able to share it in a community of badass chicas. To learn more about Women in Digital you can check out their occasionally free mixers or sign up here to be a part of it. Mind you there is a membership fee of $40 a month or $390 a year but your first month is free.

Hey Girl Hey

Started by some of my favorite ladies in San Antonio Hey Girl Hey is a creative woman’s happy hour with monthly mixers used to celebrate the creative woman in San Antonio. They don’t define creative as a requirement to join either. It’s basically a huge giant safe space where you’re able to post anything that you might need or want to share and be celebrated in doing so. To learn more about Hey Girl Hey, check out their Facebook or Instagram.

Hustle + Socialize

Entering its second year, Hustle + Socialize is a three-day conference made to inspire and activate women in business. It was founded by two childhood BFFs from the Valley, Christina and Michelle have worked their magic to bring you an even bigger conference this year. While Hustle + Socialize pushes you to grow in your strengths it’s also an amazing networking event where you can meet some of your future bffs. I say this because I’ve actually met one of my best friends here. I literally had been following her on the Insta and then messaged her. Tickets are currently on sale for their event and you can buy those here. To learn more about Hustle + Socialize you can check out their website, Facebook and Instagram. They’ll be revealing all the speakers, panelists and workshops in the upcoming weeks.

Babes Support Babes

Instead of comparing and competing we should be encouraging and supporting each other as women! That’s where Babes Support Babes comes in. They host pop-ups and workshops for other women to come by and support women-owned small businesses. The events they host end up bringing a lot of incredible women so if you’re looking to learn more check out their Instagram for their next event.

Girl Power Hour

Branded as “a meet-up group for girl bosses, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the San Antonio area,” Girl Power Hour is just that. A collective meetup where you can meet, mix and mingle with other women in SA this is currently one of the largest groups we have in the city. I’ve gone to a few of the Happy Hours in the past and met some amazing girls there. Pro-tip: sign up early for tickets as they tend to sell out. If you’re interested and wanna learn more check out their Facebook or Instagram to see when their next meet up is.

Brunch Babes

Currently, on hiatus, Brunch Babes is a monthly brunch meet up geared towards fostering female friendships. Found by Sara and Sarah in 2018 the babes host their monthly brunches in various restaurants around the city. It’s gotten so popular that they’ve come up with a lottery system to ensure that all women that attend are able to sit and enjoy the conversation around them. Make sure you’re following their Instagram page so you can hear about their next meetup. I’d also like to mention I’ve met some of my favorite humans here so it’s worth going.

Ladies Wine and Design

Who doesn’t like wine? I mean if you don’t like wine you should still check out Ladies Wine and Design. They’re a monthly salon night held for a small group of women to have drinks and have a conversation on various different topics including creativity, business, and life. Their events are limited to only 6 seats to create an intimate gathering so their events should be on your radar! Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and website for more information.