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Take a Break and Breathe


This is a different kind of blog post from what I usually write and this is your only warning. I just feel that as an influencer this is something you should read.

dear reader,

I just wanted to remind you that we’re all human. I know that browsing social media can get exhausting- between seeing people living their best life and people carefully curating their feed. Then looking at your life and seeing how it’s not even close to the IG life.

I want you to remember that we all have our bad days despite what we post. We all have low moments where we feel stuck and we’re not all perfect. I want you to remember that this is just nature and all of this is a fact of life. And if you wake up feeling bad or low- don’t want you to immediately grab your phone and head to Facebook or to Instagram and compare your life to people around you. Don’t compare what you have to what I have or what they have.

So I want you to take a step back, now, and look in the mirror. See yourself. Acknowledge who you’ve been all up until this moment. Honor all your shortcomings and celebrate all your obstacles. And best of all remember that this moment doesn’t last forever. Take this time to allow yourself to feel in your emotions and express them. Cry, sing, punch something, collapse onto the ground, bake mountains of cupcakes, whatever will let you process this feeling.   

Please know that feeling like this isn’t forever and this too shall pass. So observe your surroundings without reacting to strongly. It’s normal to fall into a negative thought patterns and question yourself but don’t stay there. Remember these thoughts are not real- they don’t define you. These feelings don’t control you- you’re the one in control. Meditate on that, center yourself and come back to your breath.

This isn’t a miracle post. It’s not supposed to be. It’s just here to remind you we all bleed the same.

But in case you’re up for it. I’ve created this awesome playlist: Songs to Save Your life so you can dance montage through your feelz.

sending love to all of you from the bottom of my heart!