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12 Fantastic Ways to Spend Your Galentine’s Day

You don’t have to be alone to celebrate Galentine’s Day. You literally have no excuse to not celebrate it. So I don’t wanna hear that you didn’t get to partake in this amazing holiday because this is 2019 and we don’t play with negativity here. I’ll tell you again, pull up those Apple Calendars and start your planning.

Feb 09

With two options to spend your Saturday Galentine’s celebrations, you can choose between  a celebration at Rolling Oaks Mall where you can make a wreath or meet up with one of my favorite blogger’s The Styln’ Brunette at Bless Your Heart for their 3rd Annual Galentine’s party.

Feb 10

If you hate love or wonder if it’s really real? Then come drink… I mean dance the night away at El Luchador for their Does Love Exist? event. In true drunken spirit, we can wonder if love is real and if so where can we find it. Maybe we can make a map and set off on an adventure together.

Feb 12

Ok, but really tho, how many times have you as women encountered the problem of “you’re not doing enough,” even though you’re exhausted as fuh and still wanna plan a social life? Well Promesa has the solution for you. Double dip and network at their Galentine’s event at Liberty Bar. If that’s not your scene either then head on downtown for Downtown Tuesday (ayyyy free parking) and celebrate at the Eye Candy Boutique. There will be make-up demos and take advantage of their sale. If either of those aren’t your scene… I’ll be celebrating my one year of being single starting off at Taco Cabana, and then heading out to Barbaro and ending the night at some patio. You can text me at (210) 549-8398 (yes! That’s really my number).

Feb 13

On the official Galentine’s Day, there’s a buttload of things to do. There’s an option for beers at Weathered Souls for their “On Wednesday’s We Drink,” where you’ll drink craft beer and be able to eat waffles. It’s a waffles bar so bring a topping to participate. Folklores Coffee House on the Southside will be hosting a whole day of goodies to celebrate so stop on in and bring a couple friends to help celebrate. They’re giving out free mimosas to groups of at least three. Maybe you wanna leave your house all tirada and hide in a movie theater. So check this out, the Alamo Drafthouse is having a party and screening of What Men Want. No kids allowed in the theater + food and drink to mask our sadness… then let’s do it.

Feb 14

So it’s like actually Valentine’s Day and let’s face it. You have no plans because you probably scrolled to this specific date to see if there was going to be an event for you to attend so that the next day at work you could say you did something. Wow, that was a little too sassy. Well, point is… you’ll get plenty of Instagramable content if you spend your Valentine’s Day as a Galentine’s Day at Viva Villa. Lastly Brown Girl Pop is hosting a party at Hi-Tones filled with all that middle-school nostalgia. Hey! Maybe it’s a chance to get over your fomo aka can someone send me a dozen carnations, pink of course.

Feb 15

Perfect thing Single’s Awareness day is on a Friday and even more kismet is that the Sexology Institute is hosting an event with MAC. Basically, get some make up buy some lingerie and then find someone to make you feel less… single.