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19 Instagrammable Bathrooms in San Antonio to Get that Perfect Selfie


Say you want but we’ve all taken at least one selfie in the mirror, had our pictures taken or something of the like. If you’re reading this and saying, “na dude, that’s not me,” then are you really being true to yourself or are you just one of those folks. It’s the ultimate rush. How fast can you take a cute ass photo before someone comes into the restroom and ruins your fun is one of my favorite games.

It’s also an art perfecting the balanced try-hard photo with the idgaf pose. So get your pose on and capture these moments for the everlasting social media platform. Side note- I do not condone you sneak into the bathrooms solely to take photos. Instead, please support the establishment also these aren’t in any particular order.

The Rustic

Alright, this was a cop out as The Rustic literally built a mirror around you taking a selfie or capturing a moment with your friends awkwardly right outside of the bathroom. Just don’t get in anyone’s way.


You already know my love affair with Playland, so I now introduce you to my love affair with their bathroom.


Hanzo is my hotspot on every Sunday and/or Monday mostly because I like to give off the vibe that I’m cool on uncool days. Their bathroom is pretty cool but the photoshoots you can have inside there are the true winners.



Remember how I said earlier that everyone’s taken at least one selfie in the bathroom? Just head to Facebook to see the proof. You have at least one girl in your friend's list with this flower wallpaper background. Major props if they were lucky enough to get the zebras.

Still Golden

Can we have a moment for the biggest zaddy of them all? This is a surefire bathroom photoshoot to make everyone jelly of you. Just don’t take them during the weekend when this place is so busy you can’t even hear your conscious.


Come here for pizza and cocktails but quickly sneak away into the bathroom for a picture. You’ll be very happy.


Touring San Antonio and stuck at the River Walk with no photos spots that resemble bathrooms? Come to Gourdoughs. Take a pic, eat a donut. Just don’t get stuck with a midbite ugly picture.


The newest subterranean bar in SA has another secret. A bomb ass bathroom. While it’s dark. It’ll be perfect for a moody black and white apathetic photo. Just know this it’s an adventure finding the bathroom.

Francis Bogside

This instagrammable Southtown hotspot has a bathroom that you’ll wanna snap a selfie or two in.


Hear me out okay! Rumble night have a weird graffiti wall but imagine that aesthetic with something more fashun. IMO it’ll come out looking sick.


Another adventure bathroom that’s pretty far away from your actual table but trust me. The bathroom at Ocho is spacious and gives you a big range to work with.

St Anthony’s Hotel  

If you need one reason to attend the San Antonio Cocktail Conference it should be this. The various bathrooms that the hotel has are all capable of giving you great photos.


Maverick Brasserie

If the bathroom wins an award then it should be San Antonio Instagram worthy so make sure you plan a picture during your Sunday Brunch.

The General Public

The patron saint of sending you back to the table a winner is The General Public. They have mouth wash and a great opportunity to take a great picture.


If you’re ever in the Paramour neighborhood make it an effort to grab a shot and if you’re ballsy make it a little risque.

Nama Ramen

I’m a fan of anime and noodles. While I’m not a huge ass fan of anime (like don’t test me on my skills) I think a background of anime is great for photos.


As you know the Pearl is one of the most instagrammable spots in San Antonio. But have you discovered the bathroom inside Botika? You have to be a paying customer to use it but it’s worth it.

Cellar Mixology

This subterranean bar in St. Paul’s Square hosts a flower wall inside the bathroom. Practice your lighting skills here and see if you can capture it.

Guenther House

I love this brunch spot because I can sit outside and enjoy myself but I can also climb up to the bathroom and take a charming selfie. The lighting has to be one of the best in the business.


Now go forth and take all of the best selfies in your life. As always be sure to follow my san antonio foodie instagram @sanantoniolovelist.